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Conference resources

ICT4DA2021 Conference resources

Keynote resource

1. Keynote speach:Enabling Sustained Rural Health Care Through ICT Innovations(Dr. Rahel Bekele) . Link Video

2. Special session :Digital Transformation of healthcare(Dr. Shegaw) . Link Video

3. Keynote speach: The role of Unsupervised and Recursive Learning in Joint Deployments of Mobile Robots, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and Wireless Sensor Networks (Dr.-Ing. Habil. Waltenegus Dargie) . Link Video

4. Keynote speach: Bootstrapping NLP for under-resourced languages (Filip Ginter ) .Link Video

5. Keynote speach: Mobile Banking Security (Erik Poll ). Link Video

Authors presentation

1. An Early Warning System for Evaluating Effects of Medical Treatment using Machine Learning. Link Video

2. Performance Analysis of Adaptive Filter and Machine Learning Algorithms for Heart Rate Estimation Using PPG Signal Link Video

3.Identifying Risk Factors and Predicting Food Security Status using Supervised Machine Learning Techniques Link Video

4.Investigate Risk Factors and Predict Neonatal and Infant Mortality Based on Maternal Determinants using Homogenous Ensemble Methods
Link Video

5.Identification of Architecturally Significant Non-Functional Requirement .Link Video

6.Transfer Learning and Data Augmentation Based CNN Model for Potato Late Blight Disease Detection
t .Link Video

7.Amharic Text Corpus based on Parts of Speech tagging and headwords .Link Video


10.Natural Language Interface for Covid-19 Amharic Database Using LSTM Encoder-Decoder Architecture with Attention .Link Video

11 .Impacts of Homophone Normalization on Semantic Models for Amharic Link Video

12.Leveraging on Cross Linguistic Similarities to Reduce Grammar Development Effort for the Under-Resourced Languages: a Case of Kenyan Bantu Languages .Link Video

13.Automatic Quality Attribute Scenarios Identification & Generation from Quality Attribute Requirement .Link Video

14.Preventing Traffic Accidents Through Machine Learning Predictive Models .Link Video

15. Hate Speech Detection Framework from Social Media Content: The Case of Afaan Oromoo Language.Link Video

16.Designing Sensitive Personal Information Detection and Classification Model for Amharic Text .Link Video

17.Classifying Severity Level of Psychiatric Symptoms on Twitter Data .Link Video

18. Spatial Locality Based Identifier Name Recommendation .Link Video

19.A Parallel Corpora for bi-directional Neural Machine Translation for Low Resourced Ethiopian Languages .Link Video

20.Augmented Random Access MAC Protocol for Cognitive Radio Network (ACR-MAC .Link Video

21. Density Aware Cooperative Precoding Technique for Massive MIMO Systems .Link Video

22.Autonomous RACH Resource Slicing for Heterogeneous IoT Devices Communication Using Deep Reinforcement Learning .Link Video

23.Comparison of Two End-to-End Path Quality Measurement Methods in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks .Link Video

24.Probability of Error Minimization Techniques in Downlink Massive MIMO Systems .Link Video

25.Impact of Enhanced Inter-Cell Interference Coordination on Heterogeneous Network Topology in LTE –A Using Cell Range Extension .Link Video

26. Maturity of information systems security in selected private Banks in Ethiopia.Link Video

27.Past Event Recall Test for Mitigating Session Hijacking and Cross-Site Request Forgery .Link Video

28.Development and Heuristic-based Usability Evaluation of an e-partograph .Link Video

30.Rescuing the Fresh Water Lakes of Africa through the Use of Drones and Underwater Robot .Link Video

31.HSSIW: Hybrid Squirrel Search and Invasive Weed Based Cost-Makespan Task Scheduling for Fog-Cloud Environment .Link Video

32.Latency optimized architectures for a real-time inference pipeline for control tasks .Link Video

33.BackIP: Mutation Based Test Data Generation Using Hybrid Approach .Link Video

34.Adaptive circuit power control of down link massive MIMO System .Link Video


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