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Call for Papers

3rd International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for Development for Africa (ICT4DA2021), will take place in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia on 22-24 November, 2021ICT4DA2021 is aims to bring together researchers, engineers, developers, and practitioners from the academia and the industry to present and discuss their research work in the area of ICT for Development. This conference seeks to facilitate the transfer of experience, adaptation of methods, and where possible, foster collaboration among different groups. The topics of interest cover all aspects of ICT towards the socioeconomic development but not limited to the topics in the tracks below:

The submitted manuscript will be reviewed by at least three experts selected by the Technical Committee for their demonstrated knowledge of particular topics. Authors will be notified of the review results by email around notification date. All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceeding by IEEE, and will be included in the IEEE Xplore.

Track 1: Intelligent Systems & Data Science  

  • Decision support systems
  • Autonomous multi-agent systems
  • Fuzzy logic  systems
  • Machine learning and deep learning
  • Summarization and information extraction
  • Big data modeling, analytics and prediction
  • Statistical learning algorithms, models and theories
  • Uncertainty modeling of intelligent systems
  • Data-science and AI applications for resource limited areas
  • ICT for meeting the sustainable development goals (ICT4SDG)
  • Application of IoT and AI in agriculture, healthcare, industry, and in solving other societal problems

Track 2: Wireless Communications & Emerging Networking

  • Wireless, cellular and cognitive radio networking trends
  • Network virtualization and software defined networking
  • Ad hoc and sensor networking
  • Massive machine type communication and its applications
  • Energy efficiency in networking & data centers
  • Next generation networking: MIMO, tactile Internet & gigabit networks
  • Smart grid and power-line communications
  • Satellite and space communication
  • QoS, reliability and modelling in next generation networks
  • Smart spectrum sharing in future wireless networks
  • Wireless standards: WLAN, WPAN, RFID, and NFC
  • Affordable broadband wireless networks for emerging economy
  • 5th Generation (5G) wireless and the sustainable development goals
  • Wireless communications for intelligent transport systems and control
  • Wearable computing and body area networks
  •  Social network applications and mobile computing
  • Context and location aware applications and services
  • IoT and smart sensing in the 4th Industrial Revolution (4th IR) applications.

Track 3: Circuits and Computing Systems

  • Analog and mixed signal circuits and systems
  • Communication circuits and systems
  • Digital circuits, systems and signal processing
  • Parallel and multicore architecture
  • Power-efficient architectures
  • Reconfigurable and heterogeneous architectures
  • New platforms and hardware designs for low-power embedded systems
  •  Energy harvesting, and energy management systems
  •  Mobile and pervasive systems, including personal wearable devices, drones and robots
  • Fault-tolerance, reliability, and verification

Track 4: Security and Privacy

  • Access control and security models
  • Cloud, mobile platforms and embedded systems security
  • Internet, communication and network security
  •  Economics of security and privacy
  • Forensics, hardware and biometric security
  • Software security and malware
  • Intrusion detection and prevention systems
  • Data and network security in resource limited environments
  • Security and privacy for the Internet of Things
  • Security and privacy policies in next generation networks & the 4th Industry Revolution
  • Usability vs security and privacy in the context of emerging economies
  • Information societal for societal and  e-Government services

 Track 5: Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  • Speech recognition, speech synthesis
  • Dialogue and multilingual Interactive Systems
  • Narrative understanding and commonsense reasoning
  • Sentiment analysis and opinion mining
  • Multimodal and grounded language processing
  • Summarization and Information Extraction
  • Part of Speech Tagger
  • Applications of NLP on web, social media and computational social science
  • Machine learning in NLP

Track 6: Human Computer Interaction

  • Accessibility and assistive technologies
  • Design of interactive entertainment systems
  • Information visualization
  • Interaction design for culture and development
  •  Interactive systems technologies and engineering
  •  Social interaction and mobile HCI
  • Tools for design, modelling, evaluation
  • User experience-based approaches
  • Child-computer interfaces
  •  Human-robot interaction
  • Multi-modal interfaces
  • Multi-user interaction / cooperation
  • Ubiquitous and context-aware computing
  • User Interfaces for web applications, e-government

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